Research Report 2021

Even though the last two years have been dominated by the pandemic, we have kept science firmly in our mind. Providing the best possible care for our oncology patients remains our heartfelt mission. After another scientifically successful year, we would like to take the opportunity to summarize our findings of 2021. To further facilitate reading and to better convey our data, we have included various graphical representations and summaries and we hope you enjoy the content. 

Scientifically, we have continued to focus on the evaluation of our 5000 genome and transcriptome datasets (WGS/WTS) and the application of artificial intelligence (AI). While the WGS/WTS data contributes to the biological and genetic understanding of leukemias and lymphomas, the implementation of AI-based methods aims to optimize our diagnostic workflows. This year we also obtained the CAP accreditation for our various diagnostic workflows and launched a new sequencing service (MLL SEQ) to offer our sequencing experience and capacities to everyone.

The research report also highlights some of our publications from 2021, providing a concise overview of our research work. Despite pandemic circumstances, we continued to create knowledge through scientific research and made it accessible with currently 57 per-reviewed publications in 2021. For some of the projects we also benefit greatly from various collaborations without which these publications would not have been possible. Also, collaborations with large consortia like Harmony or ERIC did not stand still and made significant progress.

Enjoy the reading!

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