Precise and fast
diagnostic of leukemia.
Target-specific therapy.

We at MLL are experts in optimized, safe and fast leukemia diagnostics for a variety of leukemia diseases. We are scientifically and interdisciplinarily positioned to continuously improve leukemia diagnostics. Learn more about our expertise on each disease and recommended leukemia diagnostics.

Diseases / Diagnostics


Request form

Please enclose this completed examination form with your sample shipment. The form represents all diagnostic methods and analyses completely.


Request form hemoglobinopathy

Order for laboratory and molecular genetic testing for hemoglobinopathies.


Patient consent - Research projects

By providing this patient consent, you agree to the use of excess biomaterial for research purposes.


Primary sample collection manual

Detailed information on test material and shipment can be found in our primary sample collection manual.


Information for correct sampling of buccal swap and nail material

Here you will find information on the correct sampling of germline material.


FAQs - questions and answers

If you have questions about placing an order, diagnostics or reports, you will find the right answers in our FAQs on the Service site.

to our FAQs


The future of diagnostics.
Topics such as new methodological developments, automation, the Internet of Things (IOT), big data, cloud computing, data security and artificial intelligence do not stop at medicine; on the contrary, they allow us to explore new ways and further improve diagnostics for our patients.


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Do you have questions about sample submission, analyses performed or findings? Here you will find contact details, contact persons and our most frequently asked questions (FAQs).

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»Leukemia diagnostics are becoming more and more comprehensive as treatment becomes more individualized.«

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Executive management
Medical doctor
Department manager Diagnostics

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