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MLL innovation services is dedicated to the digital processing of data from leukemia diagnostics. MLLi provides scientists, researchers, doctors, and biologists with browser-based tools for the interpretation of molecular data for hematological diagnoses.

Digital Services

MLLi:db (data base)

Variant classification & annotation / Retrace with additional databases / MLL AI prediction score / Interactive search / Variant specific report

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MLLi:ir (interpretation report)

Manual expert curation service / Raw NGS data to diagnostics statements / Personalized medical report / Variant classification & annotation / No bioinformatics expertise needed

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Free demo

Register to have a free trial of the interactive web application MLLi:db database. 10 variants are completely free to explore, as well as tools such as an interactive genome browser (IGV), genome coordinates converter and a display for the frequencies of mutations in genes.

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Demo report

Download an example PDF for a variant from the MLLi:db database. Convenient for printing or attaching to a patient file. Clearly laid out with a summary at the beginning and with an explanatory text for each database.

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