MLL Munich Leukemia Laboratory Receives the TOP 100 Seal Again

For the fifth time in a row, the MLL Munich Leukemia Laboratory is one of the top innovators and thus one of the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany. The diagnostics and research laboratory has made it its goal to advance leukemia diagnostics with state-of-the-art methods and the latest technologies in order to make the best possible therapy available to patients worldwide in a timely manner. "In recent years, we have all been faced with previously unknown challenges. We had to realize that professional and private plans and goals had to be rethought. The fact that we have now been named a Top Innovator by TOP 100 for the fifth time in a row shows us that we at MLL have taken the right path even in times of crisis - for the patients entrusted to us and for our employees," says Prof. Dr. Dr. Torsten Haferlach, one of the founders and managing directors of MLL.

The TOP 100 competition is based on a scientific selection process. On behalf of compamedia, the organizer of the comparison, innovation researcher Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and his team examined the MLL Munich Leukemia Laboratory using more than 100 criteria from five categories: Top Management Promoting Innovation, Innovation Climate, Innovative Processes and Organization, External Orientation/Open Innovation, and Innovation Success. Of particular importance is whether a company's innovations are just a random product or are systematically planned and repeatable in the future.

To ensure that all applicants have equal opportunities, the seal is awarded in three size categories: up to 50, 51 to 200 and more than 200 employees. In the 30th anniversary year of TOP 100, interest was particularly high: 550 SMEs applied, 300 of them were successful and now carry the TOP 100 seal. A maximum of 100 companies per size category can be honored.

"TOP 100 is about the question of how important the innovation goal is within the company," says Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke, scientific director of the competition. "Do routines and habits dominate, or is the company capable of questioning the existing, thinking creatively and in new ways, and successfully implementing them on the market? We analyze this ability using more than 100 test criteria," he explains.

On June 23, all the top innovators of 2023 will come together in Augsburg for the award ceremony at the German SME Summit. There, Ranga Yogeshwar will personally congratulate them on their TOP 100 success.

TOP 100: the competition

Since 1993, compamedia has been awarding the TOP 100 seal of approval to medium-sized companies for special innovative strength and above-average innovation success. Since 2002, scientific management has been in the hands of Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke. Franke is the founder and director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. With 26 research awards and over 200 publications, he is one of the leading innovation researchers internationally. The mentor of TOP 100 is science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar. Project partners are the Fraunhofer Society for the Promotion of Applied Research and the BVMW association of small and medium-sized enterprises. The magazines manager magazin, impulse and ZEIT für Unternehmer accompany the company comparison as media partners. More information about the competition at .

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