MLL Introduces Itself: Our Quality Management

Since being founded, MLL has been synonymous with quality and reliability. In order to provide patients with the best leukemia diagnostics, the MLL team has established a quality management (QM) system that is practiced by all employees and coordinated by the QM team. The QM team is responsible for the laboratory-wide implementation of existing quality requirements and ensures the continuous improvement of existing processes.

The QM team

The quality management team consists of three employees, who devote themselves to all matters relating to QM with a high level of professional and social competence. All three employees have been working for the company for several years and act as an important interface between the laboratory areas and management. Close cooperation with all departments plays an extremely important role in our company. The QM team is headed by Dr. Christine Käppel.

Although we do not have direct contact with our patients and referring physicians, we are nevertheless convinced that our work makes an important contribution to the diagnosis, therapy, and well-being of patients. This fills us with pride and motivates us to give our best every day.

A normal day in quality management

The tasks in quality management are demanding and varied, so that no two days are ever alike. As part of the overall implementation of the quality requirements applicable in the laboratory and the improvement of the existing processes, the QM team takes care of, among other things,

  •  independent planning, execution, and follow-up of internal audits
  • cooperation with authorities, accreditation bodies, and cooperation partners in the performance of external audits
  • optimization and expansion of digital processes in QM-      
  • supervision of the company’s risk management and
    error management

  •  conducting employee training as part of QM-      
  • review and implementation of new regulatory
    requirements for the laboratory

  • determination of quality
    indicators as part of the annual management review

It is precisely this variety and versatility that makes these activities so much fun and exciting for us. Together with our colleagues from the entire laboratory, we thus represent an important cornerstone that contributes to the high quality standards of our analyses.

What’s next?

As in the other areas of the laboratory, the digitization and automation of processes will become increasingly important in QM. The QM team actively develops digital QM solutions in order to set new standards and to be best prepared for the future. In addition, our area of responsibility will expand significantly as a result of additional partners in the context of clinical studies as well as new legal and normative requirements. Whatever tasks we face in the future, we are eagerly awaiting them and look forward to continuing to make our contribution to the best possible leukemia diagnostics.

The author

»Do you have questions about the article or would you like more information about our quality management? Please feel free to send me an e-mail.«

Dr. rer. nat. Christine Käppel

Head of Quality Management