MLL Introduces Itself: Our HR Department

Every day, the MLL team focuses its combined efforts on making it possible for patients around the world to receive the best therapy thanks to quick and targeted leukemia diagnostics. But what exactly does the day-to-day work of the more than 200 employees look like? What departments and areas are there? Our magazine series, “MLL Introduces Itself”, provides you with an insight into our laboratory, with the fourth section introducing you to our HR Department.

The Human Resources Department (also HR) is the central point of contact for the concerns of all MLL employees. We see our role a little like that of “la Mamma” of an extended family: She is understanding and caring, always has a sympathetic ear, offers advice and support, and provides for all family members – in our case from the working student to the manager. In addition to smooth personnel administration and payroll, our main responsibilities also include finding new team members and keeping the existing ones happy. We place job advertisements, organize job shadowing days plus further and advanced training sessions, ensure professional onboarding, and also provide assistance with questions and problems of all kinds.

The Team

The HR team consists of three employees who complement each other perfectly: a business economist, a pedagogue, and a lawyer. Together, we see ourselves as confidential advisors for all employees. Since we also represent different stages of life, we are able to empathize with all of our colleagues – from interns and graduates to experienced experts. We combine experience from a wide range of industries – regional to international – and like to think outside the box. There is no such thing as impossible. We always think of something.

Even though we ourselves are hardly in direct contact with our referring clinics and practices or with the patients in MLL MVZ, it fills us with pride to work in support of those who are there every day and to be there for them.

No Two Days Are Alike

There is no such thing as a typical working day for the HR Department. And yet every single one of them is fun, no matter whether we are

  • maintaining contact with schools for medical laboratory scientists,
  • designing job advertisements together with the division/department heads and publishing them after selecting the appropriate channels,
  • thoroughly reviewing the applications received,
  • conducting interviews with exciting candidates,
  • planning introduction days with applicants,
  • conducting feedback interviews with existing employees,
  • introducing new benefits for employees,
  • drawing up contracts,
  • planning individual career steps and possible further training and education,
  • conducting internal and external surveys,
  • coordinating the outsourced payroll department,
  • or preparing a career fair and supervising it on site at the booth.

At the end of April, for example, we teamed up with colleagues from our diagnostic areas and were live on site at the MTA Next career congress of Deutscher Ärzteverlag in Essen. There, we had an opportunity to enter into personal discussions with many highly motivated students studying to be medical laboratory scientists, introduce MLL as an employer, and make important contacts.

People are always at the center of our work.

The Labor Market of Tomorrow

We see ourselves as an important part of MLL’s continued success and growth. After all, motivated, satisfied, excellently trained, and continuously well-educated employees are an important factor. The last two years with COVID-19 have had a strong impact on the labor market, especially that of medical personnel. Since we are continuing our strong growth trend, we are looking for new team members every day who share a passion for providing our patients with the best possible diagnostics and therapy. That is why it is more important than ever to inspire these candidates with new ideas and approaches, an authentic and modern look, and attractive working conditions on the labor market – including the international market.