Microscopic basic diagnostic for hematological, systemic diseases and staging of lymphoma.

Testing material
  • Bone marrow (Citrate/EDTA)
  • Peripheral blood (Citrate/EDTA)
Processing time

2 hours to 1 day

Test material

Between 4 and 6 unstained bone marrow or peripheral blood smears (anticoagulant: EDTA or citrate) are needed for cytomorphology. Bone marrow is usually the test material of choice. Material for cytomorphology can also be submitted in syringes containing EDTA anticoagulant for preparation of the smears, but should arrive at the laboratory within 24 hours if at all possible.


Cellularity and different distribution patterns can usually be assessed after careful study of the entire specimen under weak magnification. This is followed by an individual analysis of at least 100 cells from the peripheral blood and at least 200 cells from two representative areas of the bone marrow. More important than simply counting the material is its meticulous study by an experienced investigator based on the criteria of cell density, the ratio of erythropoiesis to granulopoiesis, distribution according to various maturity stages (in particular the blasts), mutations in the cytoplasm and nucleus, the eosinphil, basophil and monocyte count, megakaryocytes (quantitative and qualitative), as well as the distribution and fine structure of lymphocytes, plasma cells and reticulum cells. Moreover, the assessment also includes iron storage and cytochemical reactions (peroxidase and non-specific esterase) for the determination of blasts.

from two representative areas of the bone marrow


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Primary sample collection manual

Detailed information on test material and shipment can be found in our primary sample collection manual.


Information for correct sampling of buccal swap and nail material

Here you will find information on the correct sampling of germline material.


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