MLL Introduces Itself: Our Knowledge Management

Every day, the MLL team works together to provide patients worldwide with the best possible therapy through rapid and targeted leukemia diagnostics. But what exactly does the day-to-day work of the more than 250 employees look like? What departments and areas are there? Our magazine series, “MLL Introduces Itself,” provides you with an insight into our laboratory. This section also introduces you to our Knowledge Management Department.

As the name suggests, knowledge management is all about knowledge – knowledge that has been generated daily since MLL’s inception to advance leukemia diagnostics and therapy for the benefit of patients.

Knowledge Management Team

The Knowledge Management Department is one of the newest departments at MLL. The team is staffed by three scientists: Dr. rer. nat. Sabine Riedel leads the team and is supported by two experienced medical writers. In order to learn first-hand about MLL’s needs and goals and to support all specialist departments in their day-to-day work, Knowledge Management communicates very regularly with all diagnostic areas and with the Research & Development and Corporate Communications departments.

Storing and Bundling of Knowledge and Making it Accessible

Large amounts of data of different kinds are generated at MLL each day: both data from routine laboratory operations as well as data yielded by scientific projects. There is a coordinated routine for storing this data. But what happens with the rest, such as the lectures or information prepared about the various leukemic diseases, MLL internal workflows, and much more? Currently, Knowledge Management is implementing suitable software with which each employee will be able to quickly and reliably search for and find information and data. Such a digital system will ensure that the latest information will always be available and accessible to the entire MLL team. This tool will also serve to support the professional development of MLL employees, which is a top priority.

Other exciting knowledge management tasks include the following:

  • Writing scientific texts for internal and external uses
  • Research for publications
  • Assistance with the preparation of presentations
  • Updating of scientific content on our website
  • Identification of scientific projects, topics, and trends for internal and external communication
  • And much more...

The Knowledge of Tomorrow

Knowledge about the prevention, diagnosis, and therapy of leukemia is constantly expanding, with more and more new findings and data being generated. As a result, our knowledge management activities at MLL are always exciting and diverse. In the Knowledge Management Department, we are looking forward to supporting scientists even more in the evaluation and publication of scientific projects in the future. We also intend to develop and structure the training of new employees by expanding our knowledge management tool.

The author

»Do you have questions about our knowledge management or would you like more information? Please feel free to send me an e-mail.«

Dr. rer. nat. Sabine Riedel

Head of Knowledge Management

T: +40 89 99017-403