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Here you will find all MLL News as well as scientific contributions to leukemia diagnostics and research.

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Current Articles

  • Dr. med. Christian Pohlkamp
    from 21.04.2021
    New panel for clarifying unclear erythrocytosis/polyglobulia

    Polyglobulia or erythrocytosis without detection of one of the typical mutations, such as the JAK2 mutation in polycythemia vera, poses problems for us hematologists. New scientific findings open up further options in molecular genetic clarification.

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  • Dr. med. Adriane Koppelle
    from 20.04.2021
    Advances in the targeted therapy of lymphoma

    The therapeutic landscape for lymphoma diseases has changed considerably in recent years due to our progress in understanding their pathogenesis. A major advantage has been to reduce the need for chemotherapy and to be able to use new types of targeted therapies alone or in combination. In this article we report in particular on BCL2 inhibition and its resistance mechanisms, as well as the role of the MYD88 mutation as well as the CXCR4 mutation in Waldenström’s disease.

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