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Our optimized diagnoses based on an extensive spectrum of methods help to extend life expectancy with improved quality of life.

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Expertise, focus topics, state-of-the-art technology and tireless research – combined with our unwavering commitment to progress – guarantee optimized and individual diagnosis.

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Here you will find all MLL News as well as scientific contributions to leukemia diagnostics and research.

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Current Articles

  • Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Torsten Haferlach
    from 14.10.2021
    A Difficult Case: What the Diagnostics of Tomorrow Will Look Like

    We have all learned: “Common things are common, except when the diagnosis is rare.” So far so good. Thanks to the large number of cases with increasingly networked data and by taking the current WHO classification as a basis, it is possible for even rare diagnoses to be assigned with greater precision today. This becomes more difficult, however, if the individual findings of the diagnostics chain and the blood values do not fit together in a conclusive way – or if any uncertainty simply remains even though the patient is definitely clinically ill. So what is the next step?

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  • PD Dr. med. Gregor Hörmann, PhD
    from 15.10.2021
    Automation & Artificial Intelligence
    Good Findings Start with Preanalytics – Our Sample Receipt Introduces Itself

    Every day, the MLL team focuses its combined efforts on making it possible for patients around the world to receive the best therapy thanks to quick and targeted leukemia diagnostics. But how does a normal workday look for the 200 or so employees? What are the different departments and areas? Our new magazine series “Introducing MLL” will be offering you a glimpse into our laboratory. In the first part, we want to present our Sample Receipt area.

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