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In diesem dynamischen PDF-Dokument werden nach Vorauswahl der (Verdachts-)Diagnose(n) und der gewünschten Untersuchungsmethode(n) vorrangig die in dieser Konstellation relevanten diagnostischen Parameter angezeigt. Zur Nutzung benötigen Sie den Adobe Reader und müssen diesen ggf. als Standard-PDF-Reader in Ihrem Browser hinterlegen.

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Untersuchungsauftrag "Smart Version"


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MLL develops an interactive PDF version of the test request form
Standardization of the BCR-ABL1 Quantification in CML
Helping to advance diagnostics.
Sports for a good cause: That is what Move4Life 2019 was.
Immunophenotyping in multiple myeloma: Patients without minimal residual disease live longer
Successful Re-Accreditation of MLL

Our understanding of the genetic changes underpinning malignant disease has expanded tremendously in the past few years. This is also reflected in the increasingly complex diagnostics on offer, particularly in the field of molecular genetics. Accordingly, it is becoming more and more difficult to clearly understand which are the appropriate diagnostic methods and parameters to select in our test request form, which is currently nine pages long (traditionally available as a PDF for downloading on our website).

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When using molecular tests to quantify BCR-ABL1 in CML patients, it is recommended that the test be performed in a standardized laboratory. Standardization ensures that results comply with the ELN (European LeukemiaNet; Baccarani et al., Blood 2013) guidelines, enables comparisons to be made between laboratories and serves as quality assurance. MLL has been determining the standard value of BCR-ABLIS (IS = International Scale) since 2011.

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The role of the MLL hematologist involves much more than traditional laboratory tasks. Daily occupation with diagnosing exciting cases from the area of hematological diseases guarantees variety and – at the same time – a closeness to routine clinical practice. Solving formidable problems with the aid of an ultra-modern range of diagnostic methods is one of the best challenges there is. There is also ongoing contact with physicians from hospitals and practices for the purpose of discussing interesting and difficult cases.

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Three races, six workshops, many highlights: The Move4Life benefit event on behalf of the Torsten Haferlach Leukemia Diagnostics Foundation was held on Saturday, 9/14/2019. Over 190 participants and a large number of spectators gathered around the slogan “Together we will put things in motion!” on a brilliant sunny day at the Olympic regatta center in Oberschleissheim near Munich.

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The prognostic significance of minimal residual disease (MRD) in patients with multiple myeloma has been examined in numerous studies and is the subject of much controversial discussion. Existing data has to date been extremely heterogeneous with regard to patient collectives, therapies, number of cases, and the methodology via which MRD was detected. However, since the presentation of the meta-analysis by Munshi et al. (JAMA 2017), it can be considered as proven that MRD negativity after first-line therapy is one of the strongest surrogate markers for prolonged overall survival.

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Since 2009, MLL has been accredited according to the international standards DIN EN ISO 15189 "Medical laboratories - Requirements for quality and competence" and DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories" by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle (DAkkS). In April this year, MLL was once again audited by DAkkS. Its existing accreditations were successfully upheld and expanded with new analyses.

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20.04.2020 - 24.04.2020
MLL Academy 2020

The next MLL Academy will be held from April 20th until April 24th, 2020. During the five-day workshop on the subject of “state of the art diagnostics in hematological malignancies“, participants can expect a mix of theoretical and practical content as well as joint discussions, all concerning the diagnosis of leukemias and lymphomas.

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