Presentation: The MHP Munich Hematology Practice

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The MLL Munich Leukemia Laboratory is generally associated with specialist hematological diagnostics and innovation. The MHP Munich Hematology Practice is another organ which is involved in insurance-funded and private medical care of patients in the Munich metropolitan area.

The Munich Hematology Practice was founded in 2005 as a joint practice between two individual doctor’s practices. The practice currently has four internal medicine practices. Six doctors and eight medical assistants are employed either full-time or part-time. The practice was modernized and redesigned in 2019.

The MHP Munich Hematology Practice is affiliated with the MLL Munich Leukemia Laboratory and primarily cares for patients from the city of Munich and the Munich area, but also patients from southern Bavaria.

The practice focusses on the diagnosis and treatment of hematological disorders. Within the practice, all diagnostic measures and therapies that are carried out on an outpatient basis are offered. In addition to bone marrow puncture, CSF, ascites and pleural punctures are also performed

The Munich Hematology Practice serves as an interface between practical and diagnostic hematology for the doctors working there. Clinical experience and therapeutic innovations can be transferred to the Munich Leukemia Laboratory for any new necessary analyzes, and particularly for targeted therapies. The doctors practicing there can quickly access the entire portfolio and the latest diagnostic methods, so that the best possible diagnosis and then the most specific therapy possible can be made available for the patient.

Here you will find all information about the work and the team of the MHP Munich Hematology Practice.