Research Report 2022

While the years before were marked by the pandemic, our world has faced other challenges in the past year or is still doing its best to overcome these crises. Nonetheless, our research and its integration into our patient care has not stagnated but remained in motion in 2022. We continued to refine and optimize our diagnostic workflows by adapting new guidelines (WHO 2022, ICC) and integrating new prognostic scoring systems (IPSS-M) and genetic markers (UBA1, TP53 alterations). The analysis of alpha tryptasemia is now also part of our daily routine.

As announced at the end of 2021, we have continued to address holistic sequencing using whole-genome (WGS) and whole-transcriptome sequencing (WTS) and have demonstrated in a clinical setting what these methods mean in particular in AML and ALL. Since we also want to contribute to this future patient care on a national level, you will stumble across the Genomnet - Genome Network Hematology - in the coming year.

With a proud 63 peer-reviewed publications, we have again shared our knowledge and the discovery  of CCL22 as a mutation hotspot in CLPD-NK is certainly one of our highlights. We were also back at various conferences (DGHO, EHA, ASH) and judging by the contributions at ASH, it was a successful scientific year and meeting for us. In addition to 8 talks, we presented our data in 14 posters at ASH 2022, covering a broad spectrum from changes in classifications to the application of artificial intelligence.

We remain committed to our passion for research, and this year we are once again starting a new scientific year with verve, enthusiasm and drive.

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