The contact point for all departments – the MLL Secretariat – introduces itself

Every day, the MLL team works together to provide patients worldwide with the best possible therapy through rapid and targeted leukemia diagnostics. But what exactly does the day-to-day work of the more than 200 employees look like? What departments and areas are there? Our magazine series, “MLL introduces itself”, provides you with an insight into our laboratory, with the third section introducing you to our secretariat.

The central interface within MLL is the secretariat. For the large number of samples that come in every day, the secretariat acts as a contact point both for external calls as well as for numerous various internal issues. Reliability is the top priority here, in order to provide every caller and all areas and specialist departments with binding and perfectly satisfactory assistance.

The employees on the secretariat team

The secretariat team consists of nine employees who, thanks to their top level professional and social competence, provide a solid backbone for MLL and are also a central interface for the referring doctors and diverse business partners. The focus of our work – as for the entire MLL team – is always the patient. The secretariat staff members include a telephone operator who handles issues raised by clients over the phone each day. Ms. Anja Neumayer is in charge of the secretariat.

An ordinary unusual working day

Everyday work at the secretariat is diverse and extremely varied, with hardly any day being like another. Of course there is also routine work, such as mail processing, telephone support for clients, or the writing of physician reports. There are many other tasks as well, which might include booking travel, organizing external and internal events, preparing and following up on company doctor visits, coordinating duty rosters, or managing the various conference rooms. In addition, the team also works with various departments, such as accounting and human resources, and supports the receipt of samples. The working day in the secretariat is therefore extremely varied and never gets boring. No two days are ever the same.


The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how fast-paced the world has now become. While three years ago it was still quite unusual to plan or attend hybrid congresses, it seems to have become quite normal now. Digitalization is progressing more and more, and we are now having to keep pace with it to remain “state-of-the-art”. Whatever the task, we will try our best every day to do the extraordinary, to help the sick, and to keep our finger on the pulse of technological process.

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