Our new website has arrived

Over the last two years we have worked hard on our brand architecture, developing it further, and making it fit for the future. During the course of this we have harmonized the layout of our websites and improved them by incorporating your feedback as a site user. The websites of MLL, MLL MVZ, and MLLSEQ are now available in a new and harmonized design. The goal was to increase the user-friendliness of the website and to allow for rapid and targeted navigation through its pages. We look forward to your visit and to your feedback!

The new Fast Lane: one-click direct access to the most important information

What’s new? What have we changed on the new website? The Fast Lane at the bottom edge of the screen provides you with permanent access to the most important information and pages. In addition to access to the “Diagnostics” page, which provides information on guideline-compliant recommended diagnostics for the various diseases, the Fast Lane also permits access to the new subject areas “Pharma” and “Big Data” as well as to the “Research” and “Service” pages. The service page has been expanded to include the “FAQs” section – frequently asked questions. In this way, we hope to quickly provide you with answers to frequently asked questions on our website. In the right section of our Fast Lane, we have now combined direct access to all the forms under the heading “Test Order”. Here you will find everything you need to submit a sample along with a brief explanation. In addition, you will also have access to “Results”, our findings portal and all information about our “Order-Entry” system, which you can use for submitting the test orders digitally. Naturally, you can also find additional detailed information about our methodologies, our quality management system, our team, careers at MLL, and the MLL Magazine via our “burger” menu at the top left.

We have integrated Pharma and Big Data

Although the MLL has always been true to its role as a reference laboratory for clinical studies, this information was not previously displayed on our website. We’ve changed that now. The new “Pharma” section aims to convey our portfolio, experience, know-how, and access to our support for the benefit of our clinical trials partners.

We have also integrated “Big Data”, which provides the link to MLLi, a sister company of MLL. Through our sister company MLLi, which is built on “Big Data”, we offer our variant interpretation service and various tools for everything to do with NGS – next-generation sequencing.

Familiarity and togetherness of all MLL websites

In addition to greater website user-friendliness, the focus has been on a new brand architecture for MLL. For almost 17 years now, MLL has stood for knowledge, courage, pushing boundaries, and the responsibility that we tackle head on every day with our work. We live up to these values not only at MLL but also at all our sister companies – with every task that we accept and manage. Our new brand architecture extends this to all areas of the company, which now clearly show that they go together as one: through both the company abbreviation MLL and its associated websites, which all function in the same way with regard to design and navigation. You will immediately feel at home on all our websites – mll.com, mll-mvz.com, and mllseq.com – and recognize them as part of the MLL family. We look forward to your virtual visit.

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