The goal of the Torsten Haferlach Leukemia Diagnostics Foundation is to advance leukemia diagnostics and provide as many people as possible with access to the best possible therapy. This greatly improves healing and increases patient life expectancy. In order to support this project, the employees of the Munich Leukemia Laboratory took it upon themselves to organize the Move4Life sporting event.
The focus of the benefit event was a charity run around the lake of the regatta center. Anyone could take part – walking was allowed as well.

The Munich Leukemia Laboratory was one of the main sponsors of Move4Life. The MLL donated five euros for every kilometer run or walked around the turquoise-blue lake. In other words: Every 5.4 km long lap brought the Foundation 27 euros. The charity runners alone, who ran/walked 353 laps and thus 1900 km altogether, raised over 9,500 euros. Those who did not run or walk were able to take part in Zumba, HIIT, and shadowboxer workshops or in yoga courses.

Other program items were offered as well. With a little luck, visitors won valuable prizes at the raffle and filled the donation box with 1,700 euros in proceeds. Afterwards, everyone was able to take a souvenir picture at the photo box of Move4Life media partner Münchner Merkur. A children’s program with can throwing, egg-and-spoon races, etc. was a source of great fun for young visitors. And so that no one went home hungry, RuzzaNera-Food&Art and Munix Trucking Good food trucks offered tasty street food, with drinks provided by Vroni’s gastronomy service and Stergios Sidiropoulos Coffee-Bike and music and MCing by lounge DJ Jondal.
“As well as supporting a good cause, the whole point of Move4Life was about having fun. It was important to us that everyone would be able to take part, and we succeeded with that,” said biologist and initiator Dr. Christine Käppel with a smile. The 28 members of the MLL organization team look back on a successful day on which it would not have been possible to do so much without the support of all the sponsors, partners, and helpers, and they are already looking forward to the next Move4Life event.

Author: Sarah Kurz