Accordingly, the Integrated Findings for MDS provide the exact diagnosis according to the latest WHO classification and the categorization according to major prognostic scoring systems (IPSS, IPSS-R), as well as explanations of other relevant aspects by default This aims to assist with determining individual, patient-specific therapy concepts.

"The Integrated Findings for AML has invariably received positive feedback from clinics and practices who have requested test results. This has encouraged us to further refine our tool for the interpretation of MDS illnesses, which are often highly complex genetically", explains Professor Torsten Haferlach, Managing Director at MLL.

As before, the report is compiled by the experienced hematologists at MLL. The minimum requirements for this are information on the differential blood count during the submission of the sample, as well as the conducting of cytomorphological and cytogenetic MDS diagnostics at MLL. For AML, molecular genetics and ideally immunophenotyping are also necessary. For other entities such as multiple myeloma and CLL, the Integrated Findings are currently in the works.

Author: Dr. Christian Pohlkamp