In other words, this means that further cytogenetic or molecular genetic examinations are only first carried out to characterize the disease or to rule out other possible differential diagnoses based on findings obtained through cytomorphology and/or immunophenotyping. This also helps to avoid unnecessary analyses. Standard guidelines or recommendations by professional associations are used here to provide clear orientation.
Upon request, our hematologists carry out an initial cytomorphological or flow cytometric assessment of all samples provided to MLL within just a few hours. The quick processing time makes it possible for us to initiate further diagnostics on the same day based on the findings and after we’ve consulted with you the sender. We believe it is essential to accelerate this procedure, especially since the quality of the test decreases significantly as the sample gets older, for example, in the case of a chromosome analysis.
In principle, all that is required of us to do this is a short handwritten note on the request form, such as “Continue as based on findings and/or after consultation,” but we can also take detailed instructions into account for the desired procedure. It should be noted, however, that certain examinations are also recommended to rule out a differential diagnosis, for example, by performing cytogenetics or molecular genetics in the event that there are any unclear cytopenias or the differential diagnosis of “myelodysplastic syndrome.”
Our test request form, which can be downloaded at, will soon also provide the option to select “step-by-step diagnostics.”