“State-of-the-art diagnostics in hematological malignancies”—this is not only the claim and guiding principle of the MLL Münchner Leukämielabor, but also the topic of the five-day MLL Academy. This interactive workshop provides an introduction into leukemia and lymphoma diseases, paying particular attention to current diagnostic criteria (in accordance with WHO 2017), guidelines, and recommendations. It also offers a glimpse into diagnostic methods and how they work together for the best diagnosis and subsequent therapy. The methods of cytomorphology, immunophenotyping, cytogenetics, molecular genetics, and bioinformatics combined at MLL are taught both in theory and practice, and MLL’s established structures that enable integrated and efficient diagnostics are also presented during this time.

Among the participants this time were physicians and (molecular) biologists active in the fields of hematology, clinical chemistry, and medical genetics. The practice-oriented mix of theoretical introductory talks and overview lectures, practical exercises, and group discussions went over very well.
MLL would like to express its appreciation for the positive participant feedback and looks forward to hosting a five-day MLL Academy again next year. As soon as we have confirmed the date, we will of course publish it on mll.com.