Thanks to its responsibility for diagnosing a large portion of German leukemia patients and its reputation as a pacesetter in modern leukemia diagnostics, MLL has taken on a pivotal role. To achieve this, the TOP 100 company relies on excellently trained employees, artificial intelligence, automated processes, and clear objectives. This has enabled the Munich-based company to increase the number of samples analyzed by 850 percent since 2005. Since each sample analyzed in the Munich Leukemia Laboratory represents a person, MLL has the opportunity to lay the foundation for a longer life expectancy and better quality of life for this person by providing the correct diagnosis.

A key organizational element is the interdisciplinary team comprised of hematologists, biologists, computer scientists, medical laboratory scientists, and medical assistants. The top innovator’s objective is not only to enable innovations in leukemia diagnostics but also to intervene disruptively in existing standards. MLL has managed to sequence 5,300 genomes since 2018. “This method, which now only sequences genotypes instead of phenotypes, guarantees us a pivotal role,” says Managing Director Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kern. Its next-generation sequencing approach has made MLL a forerunner in Europe. Automation and robotics are now a matter of course. The instruments in the laboratory are networked with one another, samples are tracked using barcodes, and 32 robots are in use for every 100 employees each day. Artificial intelligence is increasingly being put to use as well, such as to support the classification of chromosomes and the evaluation of molecular mutations.


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