08.04.2019 - 12.04.2019
MLL Academy
The next MLL Academy will be held from April 8th until April 12th, 2019. During the five-day workshop on the subject of “state of the art diagnostics in hematological malignancies“, participants can expect a mix of theoretical and practical content as well as joint discussions, all concerning the diagnosis of leukemias and lymphomas.
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Neue Anschrift für Probeneinsendungen
MLLi — Using technology to shape the future
Clonal hematopoiesis – What are the consequences of its detection?
Münchner Leukämielabor offers an extended molecular genetics panel
CLL, Mantle cell lymphoma and Waldenström’s macroglobulinemia: Therapy stratification and monitoring in the era of BTK inhibitors
Damit wir Ihre Proben zukünftig noch schneller erhalten, haben wir ab sofort ein Postfach eingerichtet.
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In order to be optimally equipped for the future, MLL Münchner Leukämielabor founded the affiliate company MLLi ("i" here stands for "innovation") on 08/31/2017 to focus on technological specialization. Because innovation is increasingly focusing on software, the newly established company will be dedicated to the digital processing of data from leukemia diagnostics. Among other things, MLLi will provide scientists, researchers, doctors, and biologists with browser-based tools for the interpretation of molecular, cytogenetic and immunophenotype data for hematological diagnoses.
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Since it was demonstrated that mutations which were otherwise only known from cases of hematological neoplasia can be detected even in healthy persons, clonal hematopoiesis is currently a highly discussed topic. The detection of gene mutations or chromosomal abnormalities in a cell population constitutes a test for clonality, which is why the term "clonal hematopoiesis” has been discussed. In the meantime, numerous other terms have also been introduced: ARCH (age-related clonal hematopoiesis), CHIP (clonal hematopoiesis of indeterminate potential), and CCUS (clonal cytopenia of undetermined significance).
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MLL Münchner Leukämielabor recently started offering an extended molecular genetics panel for cases of hypereosinophilia with an unclear origin. Various publications (Schwaab et al. Am J Hematol 2015, Pardanani et al. Leukemia 2016, Wang et al. Mod Pathol 2016) as well as internal data at MLL have confirmed a significant percentage of gene mutations associated with myeloid neoplasias in such constellations.
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Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) and Waldenström's macroglobulinemia (WM) are among the indolent mature B-cell lymphomas and are predominantly diseases of later adulthood. Bruton tyrosine kinase (BTK) plays a central role in the development and cell survival of B lymphocytes. It is therefore an important therapeutic goal for the treatment of CLL, MCL and WM, against which ibrutinib, the first approved inhibitor of BTK, is targeted at.
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