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  • Dr. med. Christian Pohlkamp
    from 18.11.2019
    MLL News
    MLL develops an interactive PDF version of the test request form.

    Our understanding of the genetic changes underpinning malignant disease has expanded tremendously in the past few years. This is also reflected in the increasingly complex diagnostics on offer, particularly in the field of molecular genetics.

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  • Dr. rer. nat. Sabine Jeromin
    from 16.11.2019
    Standardization of the BCR-ABL1 Quantification in CML

    When using molecular tests to quantify BCR-ABL1 in CML patients, it is recommended that the test be performed in a standardized laboratory. Standardization ensures that results comply with the ELN (European LeukemiaNet; Baccarani et al., Blood 2013) guidelines, enables comparisons to be made between laboratories and serves as quality assurance.

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20.04.2020 - 24.04.2020
MLL Academy 2020

The next MLL Academy will be held from April 20th until April 24th, 2020. During the five-day workshop on the subject of “state of the art diagnostics in hematological malignancies“, participants can expect a mix of theoretical and practical content as well as joint discussions, all concerning the diagnosis of leukemias and lymphomas.

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