Munich Leukemia Laboratory Developing a Digital Order Entry Platform

In this digital age, MLL has now set up a way to enter orders online. Following an extensive beta testing phase in the outpatient area, it is now possible to use a corresponding digital platform free of charge.

There are many advantages to digital order entry. It is no longer necessary to print out and send paper documents – all patient information can be conveyed digitally. An assistance system helps with the order process, such as by checking the information provided for plausibility or by giving entity-specific diagnostic recommendations according to applicable guidelines. Accompanying material such as findings or doctor’s letters can be uploaded together with the order, and any laboratory values are automatically retrieved from the doctor information system (DIS). When the order is finished, only a barcode and, if necessary, a referral letter and an informed consent form are automatically printed locally for the sender. Orders that have already been made can be modified online (e.g. subsequent requests or cancelations). What is more, the processing status of ongoing analyses can be reviewed as well. Even completed findings are available online in their entirety in PDF format.

We have closely collaborated with several other hematological practices in order to intensively test the system and develop it further. The process of linking with a DIS generally uses specific IT interfaces and adapts to each individual situation. All current data protection rules are strictly adhered to and guaranteed. We also want to take this opportunity to thank all of the beta testers for the successful teamwork.

We hope that by providing our order entry platform we have increased the quality of data transmission and simplified the placing of orders for our customers. You can find a short overview in the form of a video tutorial here.

If you are interested in using the system, please contact us either over the phone at +49 (0)89 99017-551 or via email at for information on the next steps. Any costs incurred for installation will be covered by MLL.

At the same time that the system is being released for the outpatient area, a second beta testing phase is being planned for a few hospitals in order to evaluate the use of the platform in the context of hospital information systems (HIS).

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