MLLSEQ - our sequencing service has a new look

A year ago we introduced you to MLL Dx, the sister company of MLL, which now offers our extensive expert knowledge to submitters from abroad as well as to the pharmaceutical industry for clinical studies. In addition, the sequencing service also allows researchers and clinicians alike to make use of our sequencing know-how as well as the entire infrastructure of the MLL. This sequencing service has been very well received, and it is now our intention to expand it further. For this purpose we have launched our new MLLSEQ label and branded it with a new logo combined with a completely new website.

Together with the Munich design studio Blackspace, we have created a new image and website for our sequencing service, following an exciting development process for the brand’s architecture: MLLSEQ—we are the next generation: sequencing services. Under this label we now offer our extensive Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) knowledge extending from Library Preparation to Sequencing Only, as well as comprehensive bioinformatic processing and visualization of the data generated.

In our new deep purple MLLSEQ logo, the label’s independence is stressed without giving up its clear association with its bigger MLL sister. Maximum quality standards, flexibility, and fast processing times are therefore all buzzwords at MLLSEQ. MLLSEQ is ISO 15189 and 17025 accredited and Illumina Propel certified.

Over the last five years we have acquired much experience in the sequencing of exomes, genomes, and transcriptomes, which we are now happy to pass on to our customers for project planning. We see ourselves as partners in science and research, and it is therefore our express wish to provide a maximum level of support in matters relating to NGS. Our workflows are quality controlled through all their individual steps. At the same time, they are also designed for a high throughput thanks to our high level of automation. In our setting, we can sequence up to 250 human genomes (WGS1) with 90x coverage per week and quickly process them bioinformatically via parallel processing in the private cloud. This allows us to run a complete WGS and also provide the results after just seven days. Our bioinformatics pipelines that have been set up for this purpose are also accredited and comply with all the data protection requirements set out in the GDPR2.

In addition to the targeted NGS panel, which we use routinely at the MLL for diagnosing leukemia and lymphoma, we also offer a CHIP3 panel, which is of interest e.g., to cardiology patients, as well as any other type of customized panel. In the latter case, we collaborate closely with IDT, namely Integrated DNA Technologies, whose panel design we can test and optimize in silico and then in the laboratory at short notice and within 5–6 weeks.

If you are looking for a partner in the field of sequencing, we would be more than happy to offer our support. You can see our entire range of services at

We have also put together a number of descriptions in our website glossary to make it easier to understand the terminology of sequencing. In addition, under the “Publications” section you can find links to publications on “our” sequencing projects as well as topics such as Whole Genome Sequencing and RNASeq. We look forward to any questions you may have either via the contact form “contact us” or sent to us directly at We look forward to your virtual visit!

1Whole Genome Sequencing
2General Data Protection Regulation
3Clonal hematopoiesis of indeterminate potential