Our values

We possess the knowledge to accomplish extraordinary things.

We are experts. Our findings are reliable and in line with the latest insight – thanks to diagnostics by an interdisciplinary team with a comprehensive scientific background and decades of experience as practicing hematologists, geneticists and bioinformatics specialists.

We have the courage to push boundaries.

As committed go-getters, we are thirsty for knowledge, energetic and ambitious. We question the status quo, building on current standards to develop game-changing methods. State-of-the-art technology helps us to continue optimizing diagnostics.

We have the inner drive to seize responsibility.

We are doctors, scientists, advisers, counsellors – and humans. At the heart of our work is the responsibility we accept for patients suffering from leukemia or lymphoma: We know that behind each sample, there is a personal story. This knowledge motivates us to proceed meticulously. Our optimized diagnoses based on an extensive spectrum of methods help to extend life expectancy with improved quality of life.